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Fellow Coaches,

In the past two years the TxAGC leadership and I have been working closely with Junior Golf Experts, College Coaches, Fellow High School Coaches, and Rankings Agencies for the PRIMARY GOAL of moving our sport to the level of football in Texas. Football in Texas is nationally recognized as the best in the nation because their sport has been given statewide & national exposure. This is why so many high school athletes have earned scholarships at all NCAA levels. College Coaches can find the football talent because of the exposure thru various websites, rankings, media & newspaper coverage. This has not been the case for Texas High School Golf.

Our goal is to give the same exposure to Texas High School Golf. Over the past thirty plus years, High School Golf has never experienced any exposure other than word of mouth on a local basis. Coaches, like it or not, our sport has been trapped in the basement. College coaches across the nation have not been able to see our tournament results. Additionally, our district, regional and state championships have not been given the exposure they deserve. Therefore, as your President, I set out with the leadership of the High School Golf Scoreboard and TxAGC officers to accomplish the following objectives and create solutions that are realistic and will work.


High School Scoreboard

High School Golf Scoreboard

Welcome coaches! We've partnered with the new High School Golf Scoreboard (highschoolgolfscoreboard.com) which is a new service that is working with Golfstat (the official ranking system of the NCAA) to bring rankings to our state for all high schools. The scoreboard also includes a team page and profiles for your players, leaderboards and news from across Texas. So, signup for a free membership today by clicking here.